Premium Casino Bot

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With a Premium Casino Bot, it is your bot that you have full control over.

These are the perks you get when purchasing a Premium Bot (applies to all tiers):

  • Custom bot username, chosen by you
  • Full access to customize the profile of your bot (profile / background picture, display name, interests, bio, emoji status)
  • Use the Meet New People feature in groups with your friends ("anon" command)
  • Full access to manage all groups your Premium bot is in
  • Your bot will only respond to you in PMs
  • Quickly swap all normal bots to Premium bots using the "Casino swap" command in group
  • All group settings are kept when switching to a Premium Bot, no need to set everything up again
  • Global blacklist (use your bot to keep a list of users out of all your groups)
  • When new features are added, you will be notified via PMs


  • This is a recurring subscription.
  • If you have an existing Premium Bot, this will add time to your existing subscription.
  • The only difference between each tier is how many groups the bot can be added to at once.
  • Purchasing more than 1 month at a time will give you a significant discount.


  • Impersonation of known bots or other users on the platform (including Casino Bot itself) is prohibited. Do not copy their profile picture or display name. If this is found, your bots name and/or picture will be reset.
  • Uploading illegal content to a bot is strictly prohibited. If this is found to have occurred, your bot will be terminated immediately, with no refund issued.

Refund Policy

  • I reserve the right to cancel Premium Bots at any time. If your bot is cancelled by me (and no Terms were violated that led to the cancellation) a partial refund will issued.
  • Partial refunds are given corresponding to the time remaining on the subscription, rounded up to the nearest week. For example if you purchased a $10 monthly subscription and it was cancelled after 8 days, you would be refunded $5.

One Premium Casino Bot subscription

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$5 a month

Premium Casino Bot