Premium Casino Bot

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With a Premium Casino Bot, it is your bot that you have full control over.

These are the perks you get when purchasing a Premium Bot (applies to all tiers):

  • Custom bot username, chosen by you
  • Full access to customize the profile of your bot (profile / background picture, display name, interests, bio, emoji status)
  • Use the Meet New People feature in groups with your friends ("anon" command)
  • Full access to manage all groups your Premium bot is in
  • Your bot will only respond to you in PMs
  • Quickly swap all normal bots to Premium bots using the "Casino swap" command in group
  • All group settings are kept when switching to a Premium Bot, no need to set everything up again
  • Global blacklist (use your bot to keep a list of users out of all your groups)
  • When new features are added, you will be notified via PMs


  • This is a recurring subscription.
  • If you have an existing Premium Bot, this will add time to your existing subscription.
  • The only difference between each tier is how many groups the bot can be added to at once.
  • Purchasing more than 1 month at a time will give you a significant discount.
  • I reserve the right to cancel Premium Bots if necessary. In this case, you will receive a refund corresponding to the remaining time on the subscription.

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Premium Casino Bot

2 ratings